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Jackson Laundry’s calm and cool approach to Ironman 70.3 St. George

May 03, 2019 2 min read

Jackson Laundry’s calm and cool approach to Ironman 70.3 St. George

First Endurance Canada pro Jackson Laundry is no stranger to toeing the start line against triathlon’s best. Often one of the youngest in a pro race, Jackson may not be as experienced as some of the men lining up for the highly competitive Ironman 70.3 St. George North American Championships in Utah, tomorrow, but he’s proven the challenging and hilly course is suited to him (in his breakout year as a pro he took 8th in an enormously stacked field) and he’s headed into tomorrow’s race feeling calm and ready.

“Training’s been going really well for this race, which is certainly the most important in the first half of my 2019 season,” he told us yesterday. “I’ve been doing a lot of hill-specific work and really gearing up for a fast swim so I can get out in that front pack and set myself up well for the day.”

Jackson took fourth last weekend at St. Anthony’s Triathlon, a famous Olympic distance non-drafting event. Without taking much of a taper, he charged through and on into this week, peaking for St. George.

”There are certainly a lot of really strong guys here,” Jackson acknowledges. “Sebastian Kienle, Ben Hoffman... there are a lot of strong riders and thats why I want to be up there in the swim so I can stay with them and try to hang in for those tough parts of the bike course.”

The person he has his eye on most as strong competitive tomorrow?

”Eric Lagerstrom,” he says. “He’s really prepared to have a strong swim-bike tomorrow, but really, there are so many fast people that will be charging at the front of the race.”

Jackson knows that the race is won on the run, and says “a 1:16 half marathon is probably what’s needed to crack the podium.”

To stay fresh and strong during those tough moments throughout the day that threaten a fast back half of the run, Jackson has a fuel plan with First Endurance products that he trusts and has dialled in to keep him performing at his best. 

“On the bike I’ll fill up my Ventum bottle with EFS — it’s the equivalent of about two bottles,” he shares. “My front bottle in between my aero bars will have an EFS Liquid Shot mixed with water... that’s about all the calories I need. It’s not supposed to be too hot tomorrow so I’m not anticipating needing more fluids.”

On the run Jackson is prepped with another EFS Liquid Shot.

”At that point I’ll just need the water on course to stay hydrated,” he says. 

Jackson says the most important thing to tell himself throughout the race is to just stay calm and trust his plan. 

“I know what I need to do to execute a good race. It just comes down to not getting too excited and going too hard at the front.”

From all of us at First Endurance Canada, good luck tomorrow Jackson and have fun while you #FuelYourPassion!


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